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      Dispenser instructions for use Important notice:

      Before using this product, we recommend that you read the manual carefully!

      Important: Only insert the spray can after you have set up the device. Keep the device away from you when you turn it on!! Please note: Fish and Reptiles cannot tolerate Insect Free!!! The substance in Insect Free is broken down by UV light and disintegrates into nothing. The moment it falls on a liquid, it builds up a slightly toxic value over time, which can kill fish and reptiles. Ensure sufficient ventilation and do not spray directly onto food and drinks. Insect Free has European approval, with the exception of the Netherlands. Remove the white plastic lock from the device!

      1. The device is controlled by a digital integrated circuit. It is a multifunctional automatic dispenser with an LCD screen.

      2. The technology of this device is of the latest design and is of leading international level with high quality and low power consumption.


      (1) Multifunctional: This device with an adjustable spray system, has a short power failure memory that automatically remembers how often to spray after a power failure.

      (2) Convenient to use: You can program the device according to practical conditions. It is not necessary to reset it if you replace the batteries within 1 minute.


      By default, the device is set to spray once every 15 minutes. Press On.

      You get the best results by leaving the device on 24 hours a day and allowing it to spray for between 15 and 30 minutes.

      To change the interval time, press the mode button until you see interval, then adjust the time with the minutes button, wait a moment. Press on and the device is set up.

      If the device does not do what you want, press the reset button and the on/off button at the same time. Then switch it on again.


      Functions of the seven buttons, (LED) light diode and (LCD) liquid Crystal display.

      1.RESET: This button can clear previous settings and application programs to install the programs you want.

      2.SPRAY: Install the batteries, press this button and the dispenser will spray once.

      3.MODE: The following models will appear on the LCD screen when you press this button START, STOP, SPRAY, INTERVAL, WEEK, CLOCK.

      4.WEEK: 7 days a week or from Monday to Friday

      5.Clock: Press the MODE button until CLOCK appears in the right corner, then press the HOUR and MIN buttons until the correct time appears. Then press the WEEK button to set the day of the week until the desired day appears. Example: 1 is Monday, 2 is Tuesday, ...... 7 is Sunday.

      6. LED indicator: The green light flashes in normal mode and flashes 3 times before it starts spraying, the red light will flash when it has been sprayed 3000 times, this means that the aerosol can is empty and the aerosol can needs to be replaced.

      8. (LCD) Liquid Crystal Display: In normal mode, it can display the time. When the battery presentation graph in the bottom left shows that the power is not enough, the batteries will need to be replaced.

      SET UP.

      1. Set the start or stop time of spraying: Press the MODE button, when START is displayed on the LCD screen, press the HOUR and MIN buttons to set the start time; Press the MODE button again, when STOP is displayed on the LCD screen, press the HOUR and MIN button to set the stop time.

      2. Check the spraying and recovery times: Press the MODE button, when SPRAY appears on the LCD screen, the spraying times will also be displayed on the LCD screen. In general, one spray can can be sprayed 3000 times. To clear the spraying times, press reset.

      3. Spray Interval Setting: Press the MODE button, when INTERVAL appears on the LCD screen, press the hour button and minute button to set the spray interval separately (the interval range is 1 - 59 minutes). set.

      4. You can choose either 7 days a week or just working days. By default, the device is set to 7 days a week. To set the working days in a week: Press the MODE button, when WEEK appears on the LCD screen, you will see the numbers 1 to 7. If you press WEEK again, you will see the numbers 1 to 5 Wait 10 seconds and the device now only sprays on working days.

      5. Setting the time and week: Press the MODE button, when CLOCK appears on the LCD screen, press the

      HOUR and MIN buttons to set the current time, then press the WEEK button to set the week.



      A. The Size: (Length x Width x Height) 80mm x 91mm x 235mm.

      b. If the interval is set to 15 minutes for 24 hours a day, 1 can of Insect Free will last approximately 30 days


      TO HANG:

      To make the dispenser work as efficiently as possible, it is better to hang the device approximately 20 cm below the ceiling. One device is sufficient for approximately 80 m2 of floor space and 200 m3

      Method of installation: Attaching the dispenser using the screws supplied.


      a. Turn the lock to the position of OPEN, and remove the lock from the device. Then press the button (ball shape) on the top of the device to open the lid.

      b. After inserting the new batteries 2 x D (not supplied), press the RESET button for the first operation

      c. Press the ON/OFF button to switch on the device.

      d. Press the MODE button to set the mode of operation such as time, interval, and week.

      e. Place the aerosol can in the dispenser, then press the ON/OFF button to turn on the device, then the device will work as you set it.

      f. Spray button to test a few times (note: do not look into the spray opening of the device)

      g. Close the lid, insert the lock and turn clockwise to CLOSE position with a key, remove the key and place it in a safe place.


      1. When installing the batteries, the positive and negative poles of the battery must be placed on the device as shown in the drawing.

      2. Press the ON/OFF button until OFF appears on the LCD screen before inserting the spray can

      3. The battery replacement time should be within 1 minute. If this takes longer, you will have to reset the device.

      4. Be careful not to look into the spray opening of the device when it is in operation.

      5. First switch the device to OFF or remove the batteries when it is not in use. It is also wise to remove the spray can if the device has been off for a long time.

      6. When the device is used again, first insert the batteries, then insert the spray can.



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